• After creating a new diagram, click on the (More Shapes…) button on the left panel
  • Find the option for (Other → Electrical) and select it.
  • Use the left panel to select circuit elements, click & drag elements onto the canvas.
  • To connect elements, make sure the elements aren’t selected and click on a blue 'x' on the image (it should have a green circle around it when you hover over a connector)
  • To rotate elements, use the right panel → Arrange
  • Op-amps and ground are under (Electrical/Misc)

Circuitikz (LaTeX package)


  • Use the top menu (circuits → blank circuit)
  • Right-click on the canvas to bring up the circuit component menu
  • Wires, resistors are under the default menu
  • Capacitors are under (passive components → Add Capacitors)
  • Voltage sources and ground are under (Inputs and sources)
  • Op-amps are under (Active building blocks → Add op-amp)

Digikey Schemeit

  • Under the left panel, (Schematic symbols) is where to find the symbols we use in class.
  • Resistors are under (Passives → Resistors)
  • Voltage supplies and ground are under (Ports)
  • Voltmeters/Ammeters are under (Test equipment)